About Us

Our Mission

The Center of Renewal is a community of service. In the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, we provide hospitality, promote spiritual growth, and foster the development of people. Individuals and groups are welcome to this environment of peace and beauty.

In keeping with the mission of the sisters and their Franciscan heritage, there are three areas to consider that is in keeping with the mission of the Center of Renewal as a spiritual resource for the development of people. These are hospitality, humanity, and ecological/global peace.

  • As a place of hospitality, the Center of Renewal provides a place for spiritual renewal, intellectual discourse and respite for people. It has particularly provided an affordable place for the underserved, marginalized, and disabled to come for spiritual enrichment and periods of respite.
  • As a place for human development, the Center of Renewal offers multiple opportunities for spiritual, physical and intellectual growth and development through workshops, lectures, group and private retreats.
  • As a place for the promotion and practice of ecological and peaceful living, the Center of Renewal creates and invites opportunities for the celebration of creation, and increased consciousness of peaceful and relational living.

Core Values

  • Hospitality and Service: A welcoming community of service, aimed at exceeding guest expectations to earn the respect and trust of our guests in a safe, secure, tranquil environment 
  • Spiritual Growth: Nurturing climate to help guests of all faiths further develop their personal levels of spirituality through lifelong learning and prayerful reflection
  • Performance Excellence: Organizational, professional, and personal integrity driven by continuous quality improvement and visionary adaptability

Vision Statement

An exemplar retreat and learning environment founded in Franciscan hospitality encouraging values-based lifelong learning, interfaith spiritual renewal, human development, intellectual discourse, and respite for individuals and groups.