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“I’ve learned over the years that staying at a spiritual retreat center typically offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The Center of Renewal went out of its way to welcome us, even providing a special private room and linens for our family’s Sabbath meal. We were so pleased in 2014 that we booked a return trip the next year for our faith-based family reunion.”

~Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell, Philadelphia, PA

"Everyone told me they loved the retreat and came away with a lot to think about.  They came away very happy ... We most enjoyed breaking up into groups.  This brought the individuals closer, and those who would not have talked in a large group were much more comfortable in the small group.  We absolutely would recommend this retreat and presenter ... our topic was not a 'run of the mill' retreat topic, and Nancy made it come alive for everyone ... this topic was great!" 

(Comments on a customized retreat on humor & spirituality offered for a senior church group and facilitated by Center of Renewal's Executive Director in May 2019) 


"It's peaceful and surrounded by lots of nature, the Niagara River flows by, the birds and deer are friends of the land."

“It is a wonderful, beautiful place for retreat.”

"They're right ... the staff said to look for the two white fences and the welcoming statue of St. Francis of Assisi.  Now, everytime I drive onto the campus between those small fences and past St. Francis and his animals,  I feel as if I am home again.  They always make me feel so welcome, and the natural beauty of the place calms me right down after all the stress I usually have in my life."

“Staff was very attentive and helpful, and especially careful about the silence.”

"Especially enjoyed the great bed and easy chair; I slept in both (not at the same time, of course).”

“Glad for directions on recycling. Grounds are so relaxing.”

“What I liked best was the peacefulness, welcoming attitude of staff and sisters, and Mass available.”

“Sr. Ellie Martinez, GNSH impressed me (at her retreat) with her directness and ability to touch the heart without being emotional.”

“Outstanding staff went way above and beyond. Thank you!”

“We used to come here every year, now we’re looking forward to twice a year!”

“First time ever to use COR at Stella Niagara and it won’t be the last! It’s so nice to know that a facility like this exists so close to Lockport.”

“Fr. Tom Hartle’s retreat was thought-provoking and interestingly done … he filled us with wonderful spiritual insights.”

“It is very peaceful and beautiful here making it easy to relax.”

“Great place, close to home, and the Center’s staff is great!”

“I found my first private retreat to be peaceful and just what I needed. I primarily stayed in my room reading and writing in solitude, but also enjoyed the grounds immensely. Thank you!”

“What I liked best was the peaceful grounds, and my bed was so comfortable!!”

“Everything was great. The price is incredible. You could not find a better price … affordability is appreciated.”

“Very peaceful! I love this place! I’m happy to see that you have a table in the Sisters’ dining room for COR private retreatants. Very welcoming!”

“I found the Center of Renewal very suitable to my need. Thank you. God bless you!”

“Friendly, efficient staff, VERY well-organized intake/outgo system for keys.”

“We loved the peace and serenity, the birds singing …”

“Everything was clean, comfortable, safe, and met our needs … we had an amazing time.”

“Liked everything! Beautiful, spotless – felt like a homecoming to me.”

“An atmosphere of peace and prayer, meditation, and self-contemplation are evident at the Center of Renewal.”

“The accommodations are as expected, simple and comfortable and satisfying for someone such as myself … (looking for) self-reflection.”

“Peaceful atmosphere welcomed with kindness, compassion, and family love.”