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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Why Should We Book Our Event at Stella Niagara's Center of Renewal?

  • We specialize in smaller meetings & events, accommodating up to approximately 90+ people, and all of our retreat center facilities are conveniently located in one accessible building.
  • Multiple comfortable meeting rooms of varying sizes and capabilities will be set up in advance per your request. We can accommodate varying seating and table configurations, i.e., curved rows of chairs, U-shaped tables, and more. Feel free to ask for suggestions based upon the type of program(s) you are planning.
  • All of our larger meeting rooms (Conference Room and Chapel Meeting Room) are separate from guest rooms, allowing for personal quiet time and privacy. 
  • Our smaller meeting rooms on 2nd & 3rd guest floors (2nd Floor Library, 3rd Floor Lounge) provide the perfect gathering spaces for cozy gatherings near guest rooms, along with the Lounge on 1st floor. 
  • Meeting rooms can often be available to you up to 24 hours prior for personal set-up if needed just be pre-arranging that with COR staff.
  • Free use of extension cords and wall putty (in lieu of masking tape). Competitive pricing for A-V set-ups: flip charts, easels, markers, chalkboard, microphone/sound, TV, DVD player, screen, LCD projector. 
  • Solid design meeting rooms have no moveable walls or folding dividers, thus limiting sound interruptions. 
  • Conference tables are neither draped nor skirted, allowing for easy and smooth writing surfaces (unless requested otherwise. If so, this would necessitate table & linen rentals which we can obtain if you prefer).
  • WI-FI is available with stronger signal accessibility in certain areas of the building and campus.
  • Each guest room includes pre-made bed (one or two beds depending upon single or double room designation), blankets, sink & mirror, desk & chair, fan, set of towels, soap, pillows, hangars, and easy chair (in single rooms). 
  • No ringing land-line telephones in meeting rooms or bedrooms, helping attendees to better focus on goals and objectives without unwanted interruptions.
  • Guests have access to use of the washer and drier if needed. 
  • All meals are planned by a classically-trained chef who can also accommodate most dietary restrictions and allergies with sufficient advance notice.  Simply discuss your needs with a COR staff member when making your reservation.
  • Our dining room is set apart from the meeting spaces, ensuring a clean and quiet environment.
  • Pre-determined meal times ensure food is fresh and help keep your meeting sessions on schedule.
  • Continuous hot & cold beverage service is available in dining area if requested in advance, in addition to pre-scheduled breaks (snacks, cookies, fresh fruit, cheese, and more).
  • Our quality-minded, responsive staff is available to take care of the details, taking pride in finding ways to make things work rather than finding excuses why they won’t. We can share our experience with you in meeting planning, facilitating skills, workshop development, and more. Let us help you make your event the success you want it to be!

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