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Pandemic Protocols for Our Guests

“One Nation, Under God” - July 4, 2017

“One Nation, Under God” - July 4, 2017

Nancy P. Askins, PhD, CMQ/OE

Happy Independence Day! Whenever the Fourth of July comes around, I always happily seek out the musical “1776”. Much to my husband’s dismay, I know (and gloriously sing) almost every song, imagining myself right there (in a musical version of achieving independence) with John & Abigail Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas & Martha Jefferson, and the rest of the patriots who labored to create our glorious nation.

Why Should We Book Our Event at Stella Niagara's Center of Renewal?

We specialize in smaller meetings & events, accommodating up to 100 people per group, and all of our retreat center facilities are conveniently located in one accessible building. We provide multiple comfortable meeting rooms of varying sizes and capabilities will be set up in advance per your request, available in varying seating and table configurations, i.e., curved rows of chairs, U-shaped tables, and more. Feel free to ask for suggestions based upon the type of program(s) you are planning.

I’ve Never Been on a Retreat … What’s It Like?

I’ve Never Been on a Retreat … What’s It Like?

By Dr. Nancy P. Askins, Executive Director, Center of Renewal at Stella Niagara

“What is it like to go on a retreat? I’ve never been on one.” This has been expressed numerous times by prospective guests calling our retreat center. One of my favorite sayings is, “Every expert was once a beginner”, and I can honestly say there are now many “retreat experts” who enjoy making retreats quite frequently.

Taking Time for Retreats

by Nancy P. Askins, PhD, Executive Director Center of Renewal Retreat & Conference Center at Stella Niagara

Isn’t it time for your next, or first, retreat? In today’s stress-filled world, people are running here and there, everywhere, maintaining schedules of activities that are almost impossible to keep. Yet we somehow manage to get things done, so we reasonably assume we can truly handle everything, right? Guess again! Even though we THINK may be accomplishing the many tasks of our lives, far too often we are kidding ourselves.